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Slipstreamz Sponsors Inferno Racing Team

Jun 11th, 2007 | By | Category: General

Several of you have asked me a variation of the following question: If SlipStreamz are so great at reducing wind noise, why aren’t more pro teams using them so that they can hear their team radios better?

That’s a great question and one for which I’ve never had an answer.

Today I got a press release which indicates that SlipStreamz must be working harder at getting team sponsorship. What’s interesting to note is that the team has been using SlipStreamz even before the sponsorship deal.

Click here for the full press release:

MORNINGSIDE, South Africa – June 11, 2007 – Slipstreamz, a South Africa-based manufacturer of innovative cycling earwear products, today announced a sponsorship agreement with Inferno Racing, the Ohio-based Abercrombie & Fitch presented by Inferno Racing Cycling team.

“Inferno Racing’s 2007 roster is full of promising top-level athletes,” said Lonnie Tiegs, president and chief executive officer of Slipstreamz. “As a company, we are not only excited to be in the position where we can support these racers but are also looking forward to valuable feedback from the team on our cycling earwear.”

As part of the agreement, Inferno racers have full access to and use of the Slipstreamz Slip and Spoiler. The team has been using both of Slipstreamz’s products this past winter and at many of their races including the 2007 Athens Twilight Pro Criterium.

“The Athens Twilight race was crazy. I crashed and it rained – all while surrounded by 33,000 screaming fans. I could not even hear myself think,” said Mark Hekman, winner of the 2007 Athens Twilight Pro Criterium. “With our new Slipstreamz Spoilers, I could hear my team and director clearly.”

Inferno Racing General Manager and CEO, Chad Thompson first noticed the Slipstreamz products while attending Interbike 2006.

“After seeing the Slipstreamz products at Interbike, I actually bought a pair online to try,” said Chad Thompson, general manager and chief executive officer of Inferno Racing. “When I called Lonnie to let him know how much I liked the products – he let me know he was interested in sponsoring the team. It’s a win-win situation for both of us!”

Introduced in 2006, the Slipstreamz Slip reduces wind noise and allows cyclists to safely listen to music while riding, as well as important ambient sounds (i.e. approaching cars, conversations with fellow cyclists, etc.). The introduction of the Spoiler brings the company back to its simple goal and solution of reducing ear-damaging wind noise while riding.

For more information about Slipstreamz, please visit

For distributorship opportunities please e-mail Lonnie Tiegs at or call +

For more information about Inferno Racing, please visit

About Slipstreamz
Formed in 2004 by Lonnie Tiegs, Slipstreamz is based in South Africa where Tiegs resides and created a new form of earwear for cyclists. As an experienced road and mountain cyclist of more than 15 years, Tiegs, President and CEO of Slipstreamz, began experiencing noise-induced fatigue and increased tinnitus during and after riding. Inspired by this annoyance, Tiegs developed two products offered under the Slipstreamz brand name, the Slip and the Spoiler. Both products attach to the front straps of a cyclists helmet to help reduce the damaging effects of airflow noise on the ear while riding, as well as important ambient sounds (i.e. approaching cars, conversations with fellow cyclists, etc.). For more information about Slipstreamz and its products, please visit

About Inferno Racing
Inferno Racing is a NON-PROFIT entity established to groom and support top level endurance athletes within a regional, national and international environment. The company and its athletes are also committed to raising awareness and monies for selected charities throughout the year to provide actual value to both the sporting community and its fan-base. For more information about Inferno Racing, please visit

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