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Show #112 – Too Many Recalls

Jan 25th, 2009 | By | Category: Podcasts

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January 25, 2009

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  • Pro Cycling News
    • The War Between the UCI and the Grand Tours is Over
    • Puerto Case to be Reopened
    • Tour Down Under
    • Return of Lance Armstrong
    • Tour of California Teams Announced
    • Floyd Landis Returns with Team OUCH
    • Chris Hoy Knighted
  • Product Recalls
    • Magura Forks
    • Rock Shox Forks
    • Mavic Wheels
    • Giant Bicycles
    • Dinotte Bicycle Light Batteries
    • Saris / CycleOps Trainers
  • Bike Share Coming to Denver and Brisbane
  • Beware of Bike Traps in Victoria, Australia
  • L.A. Doctor Pleads Not Guity, Trial Date Set
  • Should Stop Signs Mean Yield for Montana Cyclists?
  • Inauguration Bike Valet Sets Record
  • The Macintosh That Was Almost a Bicycle


  • Bike Event Calendar by Carlton Reid
  • Upcoming Event: Lone Star Triathlon Festival
  • Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2009
    • Video
    • Interviews with:
      • Ian Ivarson from Ivar
      • John Sullivan from Talus Outdoor Technologies
      • Bill Porter from Suunto
  • Interview with Chis Matthews, Author of Social Media for Bike Shops

PODSAFE CYCLING MUSIC: Top Down by Darin Mahoney

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  1. David it is great to see you back. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the new show, but it is on my ToDo List for today. It is what I needed to get me motivated again on those cold days.

    Thank You.

  2. Nice to have you back. I missed the Fredcast.
    BTW, the release date is wrong. You put 2008

  3. With all the recall notices, you missed one that is reasonably important. Cliff is voluntarily recalling products containing peanut butter manufactured between dates specified on their website. More info on their website:

  4. That’s a great point about Clif Bar. I can’t believe I missed it. Thank you!

  5. Has any one been able to find the bike calendar? I searched iTunes and google and still cant find that bad boy.

  6. David, welcome back… very happy to hear your show today!

  7. George – there are links in the show notes –

    The Calendar links are in the Features section.

    I subscribed to the iCal one… that’s great having all of them in one place!

  8. David,

    I’m glad your back! Work was soooo boring and lonely without having your ipod to listen to!

    Keep up the good work!

  9. I think it’s a good idea for Montana to allow cyclists to run stop signs. We have a similar law in Idaho and the basic wording is that you can run the stop sign if you do not take the right away from anyone else. If you do take the right away you can get a ticket and if you cause an accident you’re pretty much guaranteed a ticket. There are a couple of other interesting aspects to this, we are required to stop at red lights, but can continue through them if we don’t take the right away from anyone else. I generally avoid running lights and stop signs when traffic is around as it is dangerous and confusing for drivers, but when you’re out early in the morning it’s nice not to have to wait for a light that doesn’t see bikes or stop at stop signs when there aren’t any cars around.

  10. Very happy to have you back on my ipod. Curious, was there a final assessment on the Quarq powermeter?

    Thank You for all the positive work you do for cycling.

  11. David- you are back!!! Yeah
    Yeilding is bad idea – how to prove who is following the law if somthing bad happens
    Keep it coming

  12. Good to have the Fredcast back again!

    I was kind of disappointed you reported Lance Armstrong’s comments about Landis, Basso and Millar without comment though.

    He’s right in that a rider who’s served their suspension can come back and ride with a team that will have them, and that’s fair enough. (Although I think Basso is only back with Liquigas because that team pulled out of a voluntary anti-doping agreement where Pro-Tour teams would not hire suspended riders for a further period equal to that of their suspension. As I understand it the agreement meant Basso would not have had a ride with a Pro-Tour team for a further 2 years).

    Where Armstrong was wrong was to paint fans who root for Millar and not Landis and Basso as hypocrites.

    Although I know people who will still not cheer for Millar, that rider has come back into the sport and made a hugely positive contribution to clean cycling. I think it’s entirely understandable that people might cheer Millar where they wouldn’t cheer Landis or Basso.

  13. Great to have the Fredcast back!

    I would like to make a comment concerning the Suunto wristtop computers, that were discussed in the show. The Suunto computers use a different kind of ANT protocol than the other companies, for example Garmin. The Suunto ANT is not compatible with the standard ANT+sport protocol, so the Suunto computers cannot be used with the other companies’ devices.

    I am a happy owner of a Suunto T6 that I have been using for several years now. I use the computer for cycling, skiing etc. with the HRM belt and a couple of bike PODs.

  14. Nice of you to come back. Our president is 1/2 black, 1/2 white. Can we stop referring to him as black? It implies that he is only black. Not that it matters but it’s still a misnomer – just like when everyone refers only to Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and other people in the Orient as Asian (as if there are no other countries on the continent of Asia. You know what I mean. When describing someone a friend might not know you might say “the ____ guy” where ____ = black, white, ASIAN, etc. You’re using ASIAN to describe “the guy with the slanted eyes” when in fact ASIAN could mean “the guy that wears the turban and works at the call center.” ). Anyway. Sorry for the rant. You’re usually politically correct….

  15. Regarding YIELD signs and bikes. I think it’s a good idea. Road signs and traffic signals are generally designed for cars. Big shiny metal boxes that have decreased visibility, are generally very heavy, and can kill someone if they were to hit said person. I bet most of the cars that “stop” at stop signs never stop (i.e. a California stop). On a bike, you’re going much slower and you can usually see much further down the road for a longer period of time than when you’re braking from 40 or 25 down to 0 in a car. Thus, it’s safer for a bicyclist to yield, rather than stop.

    I never knew that about my Bicycle (Macintosh) Computer 🙂 Great show.