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Show #211 – Ready For My Close Up

Mar 2nd, 2014 | By | Category: Podcasts


Episode 211
Ready For My Close Up
Week of February 24, 2014

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This week’s show is sponsored by JensonUSA, Fezzari Bicycles,, and listeners like you!

In this week’s episode of The FredCast an interview with Tyler Servoss from Rockwell Relay and a product review of Coghlan’s Adhesive Signal Lights. Before that, lots of news including a California bill proposing a bike tax, a New York legislator says nobody should ride a bike, a new study says that cycling is safer than rugby while another study says that faster cyclists are more attractive. In other news, a cyclist was killed at the annual Tour de Palm Springs, Viva Bike Vegas is cancelled, several new cameras for your ride, a product recall, a California driver uses a ‘new car smell defense,’ a California woman plans to marry her bicycle, and lots more. And there’s lots more! Plus, George Thorogood and the Destroyers are our Podsafe Music artists.

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  1. David,

    When will the TeamFredcast kits be available for purchase? From my browser(s), IE 9, Safari), it shows that the jerseys, shorts, & socks are “Out of stock”.



  2. David,

    Enjoy your show.

    I have a Garmin Virb. I purchased it after my GoPro 2 started playing up with purple banding on some images.

    Some quick thoughts on the Virb after using it for 6 days and 940km’s. I’ve got the Elite Virb.


    -Well built, nice and easy to attach and remove camera from mount.
    -Big, easy to find record button with one touch on/recording. A huge plus over GoPro.
    -Image quality good, maybe not quite up to GoPro though. Other advantages outweigh this.
    -Built it screen is small and dark but helps a lot when composing a shot/video.
    -Screen can display data from GPS or ANT+ information which can be useful, although nice to have, not a must have feature.
    -Easy to use menu system.
    -Time lapse videos processed in camera. Saves lots of time and hard disc space, but image quality takes a step down from GoPro, however this is more than acceptable to me considering time savings. Time lapse can also overlay data such as speed on the final video.
    -Built in GPS is a good concept and makes is easy to go back and see exactly where video was taken.
    -Overlaying GPS and ANT+ on final video is great with free Virb Edit software. Lots of different overlays are available to customise the look of the guages on the video.
    -Image stabilising helps videos on rough surfaces.

    -Unit will sometimes freeze, requiring a shutdown. I lost a potentially good video after this happened. Although my GoPro did the same occasionally too.
    -Sound quality is very average on the bike mount. Captures noise transmitted through the frame and not much else. Slightly better that the GoPro though. On anything but smooth roads you also get clicking sounds, I suspect it comes from the camera to mount connection not being 100% tight. I will try an elastic band in the future to hold them together.
    -GPS accuracy, especially speed data is very inaccurate quite regularly and at times seems not to be in sync with the video. To get around this I use the data from my Garmin 810 and sync it with the Virb video. Works well but is a time consuming extra step that shouldn’t be necessary.
    -Virb Edit software while good and easy to use is buggy and frequently crashes without warning.

    Overall I’m happy with the unit and expect many issues to improve with software/firmware updates.

    The unit actually saved me from losing a big Strava climb segment (Lavers Hill, Australia) that didn’t record on my Garmin 810 (not happy after 52 minutes of pain). I videoed the whole climb on the Virb and was able to upload the gpx data from the Virb to Strava and get on the the leaderboard, happy again!

    Here’s a video from my Virb, climbing Mt Barker Rd in the Adelaide hills, Australia.