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Show #3 – Back from the Holidays!

Jan 11th, 2006 | By | Category: Podcasts

The holidays are over and I am finally back in the saddle!

This week’s FredCast includes news and views from all over the world including news on Tyler’s last appeal in his doping case, not to mention some incredible long distance cycling tours in Africa and Central America! In the features section of the podcast, I tell you about the coach I hired, some new features of the Garmin ForeRunner I am using, riding with an iPod, and an upcoming century I am doing this weekend. And, as always, podsafe cycling music from

You can listen to the show directly by clicking here, you can subscribe to it in iTunes, or you can use the RSS feed in whatever pod catching client you use.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget to send me your feedback! I love getting your e-mails and voice mails!

Show Notes are available HERE.

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  1. Great Show…. thanks for the Shout Out — I appreciate it. To bad about registration being closed for the MS150.. I have been coaching about 12 cyclist that were planning on attending… I hope they have their registrations in 🙂

    anyway, great show.. looking forward, as always, to the next episode — Bobby

  2. Hey, love the show.

    Finally, a really great cycling podcast.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. David,
    thanks for the shout out, great show today.. it kept me sane 80 miles into my ride. Looking forward to the next podcast; Hope we can get together for an interview sometime!

  4. Another fantastic show! love the tech tips as well as the cycling news – hard to get that in central PA. Thanks for the shout out – I’ve also been doing a shout out for you telling other cycling friends about your podcast. My new iPod nano was the best gift I ever received – can’t wait to try it on the road – it’ll keep me going during some of my longer rides, like the Longest Day Challenge (402.5 miles) and the ADK540 (yes, there actually are a few good endurance rides on the east side of the USA!). Loved the tech tips – I use a Garmin Vista on my bike – not as light weight, but has lots of good mapping stuff on it to keep me from getting lost. Looking forward to your review of the cycling specific gear.

    Loved the sample of music by Berman – always looking for fresh music! I’m adding a few of their songs to my iPod!!

    Keep up the great job! Looking forward to your next podcast!

  5. Keep it up. Once again I enjoyed your show. Keep all the great news and tips coming.

  6. Another great episode! Santa didn’t bring me the Garmin for Christmas, so I guess I’m holding out for the review of the Edge when it becomes available. I don’t think your previous review was too long — hey, I listen because I want to hear what you have to say. (If it gets too long-winded, that’s what the fast forward is for!)

    Thanks for the podcast!

    John Pennidino