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JensonUSA Bar Shot Contest!

Apr 25th, 2012 | By | Category: Announcements, Blog, Photos & Videos

JensonUSA and The FredCast are having a contest to see who can take the best Bar Shot, and ten (10) winners will be chosen each of whom will receive a twenty dollar ($20) gift certificate to JensonUSA!

What’s a bar shot? An excellent question! A bar shot is a photograph you take from behind the handlebars of your bike, showing off the amazing trail, climb, path or location of the ride you’re on. Here are a couple of examples:

Now it’s your turn. Simply take a Bar Shot and tweet it out to the world and follow these rules:

  1. Your tweet must contain the hash tag: #barshot
  2. Your tweet must contain @JensonUSA and @FredCast
  3. Your tweet must contain your bar shot photo (duh!)
  4. Tell us where you took the shot and a little about the ride
  5. Send your tweet by 6pm PDT on Monday, May 7, 2012

Once the deadline has passed, JensonUSA will choose their ten favorite bar shots and I will announce the winners on the next episode of The FredCast. JensonUSA wants to keep you enjoying the path you’re on, so send us your bar shots and you could be a winner!


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