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Phil Keoghan & ‘The Ride’ Movie Near You

Jan 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Announcements, News

As I mentioned on the last episode of The FredCast, Phil Keoghan (host of The Amazing Race) will be screening his film, The Ride, in theaters around the United States in February.

The Ride is a 90 minute documentary of Phil’s ride across the United States in March of 2009. The ride took him 40 days and covered 3,500+ miles. Along the way, Phil not only put his mind and body to the test, he also raised more than $500,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He rode with fans, met people affected by MS, and inspired everyone with whom he came in contact.

The film has not yet been put into wide distribution, but it is going to screen in select cities around the U.S. for just one night in each city. Phil Keoghan will be at each event to introduce the film and meet attendees. This event leads up to the premiere of the next season of The Amazing Race.

Thanks to Regal Cinemas, all proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the National MS Society.

Here are the dates, cities and links to ticket purchasing via Fandango:

Ticket prices will range between $10 – $13 (depending upon location)

If you go, please say hi to Phil for me, and (you probably guessed this was coming), enjoy ‘The Ride.’

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  1. too bad it isn’t coming to Utah. I went down to Cedar City when he came through and got a chance to meet and ride with him.

  2. What.. Pittsburgh, but no Miami??

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  4. Boston Link isn’t working…8(

  5. Sorry about the links, everyone. The MS Society is frantically trying to get them all fixed.

  6. Are you kidding me – no showings in SF Bay Area – are you kidding!

  7. No KC MO showing either….would like to see it but a 6 hr. drive to St. Louis is just a little too far for a movie.

  8. I think a showing in Seoul would do really well… The cycling boom in Korea has been really unbelievable. Given the Korean penchant for overdoing things, a weekend ride along the river is populated with a Tour de France cadre of carbon bikes (Colnagos, Pinarellos, Bianchis, Cervelos, etc.).

  9. Seeing that it’s tied to the AMGEN TOC (and probably the AEG world) it’s no surprise that it’s not being shown in Orange County, CA, either. We seem to be a big empty spot on all their maps. By the way, as it ‘s apparent that many people commenting here have seen it, how is the Feb. 3 show in LA a “Premier?”

  10. Not a real surprise that my little town, like so many others Phil passed through, isn’t on the screening list; I was mainly curious about the movie itself to see if anything from that part of the trip made it INTO the movie! Guess I’ll have to wait for another opportunity…….

    I still have a few of the pix from that day, and indelible memories that I treasure; didn’t MEET Phil, but being a part of that event was significant for this area.

  11. Hey guys,
    If its not in your area you can go to the website and watch the trailer. You can also download the movie from the link on the left side of the screen….

  12. You guys think it bad.. at least if you’re in the US you can download it from iTunes or Amazons. In Australia we cannot download either due to restrictions on the download via these two methods.

    We would very much like to see this movie that Phil has made, but completely buggered as to why they imposed these restrictions on it. Even our local GNC Live Well shop didn’t even know about it??? They are now looking into seeing if they are able to promote this out here now due to their sponsorship as it was a very very good cause that Phil was riding for.